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Registration for Play Group and Pre-Nursery batches at Healthy Planet Ghaziabad begin at different intervals throughout the year.

Registration for Nursery begins in the month of August of the preceding academic session. Students who have completed 3 years of age by 31st March of the corresponding academic year are eligible to apply.

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At what age can a child join Healthy Planet?

Usually students are at least two years old when they begin in playgroup. However, exceptions to this rule can be made if the child demonstrates ‘Early Years readiness’.

When do the admissions begin?

Admissions for a session starting in April begin in August of the preceeding year.

Does admission to Healthy Planet guarantee a place at NWS in further classes?

Yes, admission once granted in Healthy Planet guarantees progression to the Primary Wing and subsequently the Secondary Wing.

When does a student get the option to choose between CBSE and Cambridge curriculum?

Students can choose between CBSE and Cambridge curriculum in grade One. Parents of students enrolled at Healthy Planet in KG are invited to an orientation regarding the curriculums in the month of July of the previous year and make a choice.

Can I visit Healthy Planet before enrolling my child?

All families considering admission to Early Years @ Healthy Planet are strongly encouraged to visit the School. These can be booked online or through the Front Desk, must be booked in advance and will only take place when the School is in session. They take place between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. each day. A typical visit consists of a talk with a member of the admission staff, a tour of the campus with a teacher or wing head, and a family conference at which the staff member answers questions about the School, to convey a sense of how Early Years @ Healthy Planet will fit into their school search.

What transport facilities are available?

All buses used by the School are owned and operated by Healthy Planet and all drivers and conductors are employed directly by Healthy Planet after careful vetting of their credentials and references. Air-conditioned traveller buses run on designated routes within 30-minute travelling distance of the School. In addition to the bus driver, a lady attendant is present on all the traveller buses.

What are the school fees?

School fees for the year 2020-21 are: School fees are increased every year as per the regulations of Uttar Pradesh Government. It is usually an increase of 8-10%

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