Pre-Nursery & Play-Group

Registration for Play Group and Pre-Nursery batches begin at different intervals throughout the year. Further details regarding Pre-School admissions can be obtained from the School Reception Desk.



Registration for Nursery begins from the First week of September for the preceding academic session. Students who have completed 3 years of age by 31st march of the corresponding academic year are eligible to apply.


All other classes

Admission to all other classes is dependent upon the availability of seats and the capability of individual applicant as demonstrated during the admission test and the formal interview.


In assessing the suitability of a candidate, our admission staff reviews each applicant's complete application. The applicant's prospects for success are evaluated thoroughly by at least three experienced staff members working independently of the other. This reliable and responsive process has over the years enabled us to know a great deal about our students before they enrol, which facilitates our planning for their future integration into the School community.


Admission Process

Step 1: Get a school prospectus and application package either from The School. 
Step 2: Schedule a test (wherever applicable) and personal interview with the Admissions Board. 
Step 3: If admission is granted, submit fees and required documents at the Specified date.


Documents required at the time of submission of the registration form.


-Photocopy of Date of Birth certificate from Municipal Authority

-Photocopy of Proof of Address

-Photocopies of parents’ educational qualification (Highest)

-Photocopies of School Progress Report for the previous three years (wherever applicable)

-Photocopies of certificates received in co-curricular activities


A visit to Healthy Planet @ Nehru World School is best understood as a chance for visitors and their families to see the School in action and to introduce themselves. Visits are therefore only scheduled while classes are in session. A typical visit consists of a talk with a member of the admission staff, a tour of the campus with a guide, and a family conference at which the staff member answers questions about the School, to convey a sense of how Nehru World School will fit into your school search.

School Visit

Schedule a Visit:


Before you visit the School, making a wish list of your academic and co-curricular expectations is always a good idea so that you can make the most of your visit to the School.

Appointments must be made in advance. The Admissions Office schedules visits between 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 

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