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The environment within and outside a classroom strongly influences the effectiveness of Teaching-Learning. At Healthy Planet, we understand that your child learns best in an age-appropriate environment built to meet his/her needs. We invite you to visit and get a firsthand look at our facility. To experience for yourself how each age-specific classroom, learning centre and play area creates a sense of safety, security and stimulation - and to see how our teachers keep your child's spaces effective for learning, clean, attractive and comfortable.

Comfortable and engaging environment is conducive to learning. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that students enjoy the benefits of bright, well-lit and air conditioned spaces. Our classrooms have been designed aesthetically, combined with practicality and resourcefulness. Each classroom at Healthy Planet is spacious, houses a circular/semi-circular seat arrangement, a teacher's corner and cubby-holes for bags alongside space for story time, circle time and art work.

The Environment

Interactive, Air Conditioned and Spacious Classrooms
Sand Pit

Housed within the Naturalistic Centre. Used in several ways, this area promotes communication exchange between students, develops their fine & gross motor skills besides presenting them with numerous activities & play options. Students use their fingers to trace out alphabets in sand, make shapes in similar ways and construct “sand castles”. Pre-number concepts especially the ones related to measurement (heavy/light, more/less) are taught within this area.

Splash Pool

As part of our Naturalistic Centre, we have an outdoor Splash Pool which apart from being a fun-house for our kindergarteners, serves as a pedestal for developing their gross motor skills. Presence of a swimming instructor along with adequate adult supervision all times during “Splash Sessions” provides a safe environment for the young ones.

Large & Interactive Play Area

Our classrooms open up in a large indoor play area which houses various toys, resources and games that encourage physical development. There are regular additions to this play area in accordance with the theme in progress. Children play games like Cricket, Golf, Basket-Ball and Bowling apart from indulging in pretend play. Immense socio-emotional development is fostered during play time. Values like tolerance, patience, politeness along with practices like taking turns, sharing etc. are promoted by our teacher-mentors.

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