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Diverse Learning Environments

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Children aged 18 to 24 months to begin to experience a learning environment with a focus entirely centring on play and the development of fine and gross motor skills. Music and rhymes are also included.



Children who will be 2 years and above at the time of admission. Spending three hours in school each day, their learning experience integrates aspects of literacy, numeracy and theme-based learning (IEYC units – 'This is me’, 'Weather Wonders', 'My Toy Shop') combined with the development of fine and gross motor skills through art, music and dance.

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Pre Nursery
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Children aged 3 to 4 years. Spending up to 4 hours in school, the teaching of phonics begins as well as the introduction of numeracy using Numicon. Both are integrated with the theme-based learning as children engage in experiences which take them around the world (IEYC units – ‘Weather Wonders’, ‘Animal Rescuers’, ‘Going Places’, ‘The World around Us’). The development of fine and gross motor skills through art, dance, music and yoga are also incorporated into these learning programmes.


KG (Kindergarten)

Children aged 4 years + are  welcomed to Kindergarten. Children are in school for 4 hours and build on their learning from Nursery. As the phonics and literacy programme develops, writing and reading becoming core parts of it. Children’s confidence with numeracy develops further as they experience numbers in a broad range of contexts. The IEYC units (‘Imagine that’, ‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘Blast Off’, Ocean Treasures) open a world of experiences as well as incorporating aspects of literacy and numeracy as well as including fine and gross motor skill development through art, music, dance and yoga.

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Grades 1 - 6

Students may opt for the Cambridge or CBSE learning path. Students all follow a broad and balanced curriculum.


For students following the Cambridge Curriculum, Mathematics, English, Science, Global Perspectives/Social Studies and Hindi form the core curriculum across the 6 years of learning.


 For CBSE students, Mathematics, English, Hindi and Global Perspectives/Social Studies are at the heart of students’ learning for grades 1 and 2, with Environmental Science introduced in Grade 3. For students in Grade 6, Science and Social Studies are taught as separate subjects. German is also introduced.


A extensive reading programme, including Interactive Read Aloud, guided and independent reading and access on a daily basis to class libraries is integral to students’ learning experiences.


All students also participate in classes for Yoga, Music, Art, and Sports/Games.

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