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Multiple Intelligence(s) enabled Resource Centre 

7. Kinaesthetic Centre

Intrapersonal Kinaesthetic Centre located outside the four walls of the MI Resource Centre offers students an opportunity to work out their excess energies through bodily play. A low Balancing Beam, Ride ons, Cricket, Basket Ball, Bowling and Golf keep them delighted. Various new additions are made to the centre periodically to keep the children excited & engaged.

Naturalistic Centre, as the name suggests, brings an element of nature in the day-to-day learning of the child. Housed within this centre, a Splash Pool with rain showers, sand pit, bird bath, kitchen garden and diverse range of plants & trees provide kindergarteners with true sensorial experience.

8. Naturalistic Centre (outdoor)
3. Visual/Spatial Centre

Visual/Spatial Centre contains numerous puzzles, art boxes, theme boards, Montessori Apparatus, construction blocks and soft toys.

4. Musical Centre

Musical Centre houses a CD Player, microphones, collection of educational audio CDs, audio stories, musical instruments, animal sound games, stethoscopes etc. 

5. Interpersonal Centre

Interpersonal Centre encourages group work among students. It consists of attractive group work tables, stools, art & craft supplies, group project guides etc.

6. Intrapersonal Centre

Intrapersonal Centre situated in a corner of the resource centre provides relative privacy to the child for some “me time”. Here, the student can explore things by himself/herself. Squashy floor cushions, a collection of attractive picture books, individual play toys etc. are provided for the child who wants to be in his/her own company.

Linguistic centre contains sandpaper letters of the alphabet, word puzzles, vocabulary builder, talk about puzzles, phonic guides, story-books, pop-up books, touch & feel books etc. to engage the verbal learner.

1. Linguistic/Verbal Centre

Mathematical Centre houses several sets of JODO GYAN teaching aids and Manipulatives which are used to introduce pre-number and counting concepts to kindergarten children. Alongside, shapes, colours, pattern & sorting activities are supported by RANGOMETRY & AKAAR PARIVAAR kits. The children also make use of Abacus and other 3-Dimensional maths puzzles.

2. Mathematical/Logical Centre