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Our Classroom 

Comfortable and engaging environment is conducive to learning. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that students enjoy the benefits of bright, well-lit and air conditioned spaces. Our classrooms have been designed aesthetically, combined with practicality and resourcefulness. Each classroom at Healthy Planet is designed to ensure maximum opportunity for learning.

Circle Time Wall in each Healthy Planet classroom reflects your child's daily routines. Here, you will find:

 - Daily Calendar for learning the days of the week and the months of the year, as well as key counting concepts. 
 - Daily Weather for observing the changes in the weather, clothing and food habits with changes in seasons.
 - Kids of Character Trait, which highlights our value of the month. 

Circle Time is a novel concept introduced by Healthy Planet to promote self-esteem building, communication skills and value education. The day starts with the entire class sitting in a circle and sharing their experiences, discussing the weather outside, celebrating birthdays and discussing character value of the month. The child is exposed to many different routines designed to increase oral vocabulary, social and verbal interaction skills, and enhance his/her ability to actively participate in group activities. Circle Time also gives the teacher the opportunity to work with the class as a group.

Circle Time Wall

Circle Time Wall in each Healthy Planet classroom reflects your child's daily routines. Here, you will find:

Semi Circular Arrangement 

The classrooms at Healthy Planet are bright vibrant and engaging. A two row semi-circular/circular arrangement in each of our rooms ensures maximum participation and involvement in everyday classroom teaching-learning. Care is taken to make sure that each child is at the least possible distance from the teacher. Our Teacher-Mentors often pre-arrange the classrooms in small inter-active groups for special projects which are instrumental in cultivating social values like sharing, taking turns and co-operation among young children.

Children’s Display

We take pride in displaying children’s artwork in the classroom. Public display encourages our budding artists and reminds them that their hard work has meaning and conveys their thoughts and creativity. The teachers label all projects so that you can quickly and easily understand what the child's thoughts were as he/she worked on their creation.Adequate space for storage and RecoursesEach Child has adequate space to keep their school bags & water bottles in the classroom. Alongside, there is space in the classroom to house required workbooks, portfolios, learning resources, stationery and art material

Class Library

At Healthy Planet, we encourage reading among children from Play Group onwards. Starting with bright and textured picture books, our toddlers gradually progress to books that are interesting and relevant to their respective age groups. Each classroom in Healthy Planet houses its own Library to inculcate a lifelong love for reading.

Learning Centres

Each Classroom at Healthy Planet also houses flexible learning centres which encourage children to explore learning resources and concepts through free play. These flexible Learning Centres are set-up by teachers right in the morning and encourage children to build on their Life Skills like Effective Communication, Team Work, Decision Making and Collaboration. These Learning Centres include;

1.     Pretend Play

2.     Doodling

3.     Blocks & Puzzle Play

4.     Play Doh

5.     Reading