Dear Parent

The moment has come in your life, after the initial excitement of bringing your child into the world, to find a way to introduce him/her to new experiences outside of home. A place where your child will feel comfortable, be taken good care of, and be introduced to the sounds, sights & smells of new things. Not only will your young one learn the alphabet and numbers, but be given an opportunity to explore and develop the qualities inherent in him/her. 

You, as a loving and caring parent, have always wanted to give the best to your child and at this juncture, are looking for the best way to take him beyond the secure four walls of home. 

Looking at your needs, we conceived Healthy Planet – an academy for nurturing young children with help of a sound educational philosophy, well researched and age appropriate curriculum, loving Teacher-Mentors and state-of-the-art teaching aids. Our approach to early childhood education supports each individual child’s inherent capabilities through the Multiple Intelligence(s) platform. 

"supports each individual child’s inherent capabilities through the Multiple Intelligence(s) platform". 

We have worked on global experience, conducted in-depth research, and taken feedback from leading child psychologists, paediatricians and academicians to develop a progressive curriculum for pre-schoolers, focusing on their holistic development. 

We believe that the time your child spends at Healthy Planet will have a deep impact on his/her overall development in the years to come. Our centre is staffed with early childhood development specialists, fully trained in using teaching aids and techniques that are practiced worldwide. 

The members on our Advisory Board are most distinguished, persons of high repute and calibre who have helped us extensively in creating an exciting team to handle your children and provide them with the best possible education that you can give at this age. Founded by alumni of King’s College London, Warwick University, Derbyshire University, Lady Sri Ram College, Hindu College and Institute of Management Technology, the Healthy Planet team includes scholars and educationists who are drawn from disciplines of cognitive & social psychology, literature, performing arts, education, and management sciences. 

Holistic development of the child through value-based education, retaining the rich cultural heritage of this great country is our purpose. We, at Healthy Planet would seriously endeavour to inculcate all good values and qualities in your child to make him/her a sincere, responsible, honest and good citizen of this country. We believe in coming together with you, the parents, to provide a comprehensive approach to educating your child. 

Assuring that each day of your child is filled with excitement of learning and new discoveries, we strive to enrich the lives of young children by exposing them to art, music, games and theatre for developing and enhancing their appreciation for the creative side of life. We also introduce them to technology in an age appropriate manner to help them prepare for the future challenges. 

There is no accreditation system for Pre-Primary schools in India. However, we have followed the most stringent systems used by certifying agencies globally to establish the most advanced centre in India which keeps in mind the minutest need and requirement of your child. 

We firmly believe that each child is gifted; the challenge is to figure out “how”. At Healthy Planet we have conceived a new and fascinating world for your child, which lives up to the best international standards of learning. 

Come and visit us for a first hand experience. 

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