Student Life

Annual Productions

All Early Years children participate in the Annual Production, a festival of drama, dance and music. These events are based on well-known children’s stories, developed to suit and express the local context. Such occasions allow children to express themselves, develop communication, show resilience and adaptability and showcase their emerging talents.


Trips and visits are integral to your children's learning experience at Early Years @ Healthy Planet. These include trips to the Planetarium in Delhi, an aquarium, the Zoo and the Waste to Wonders park and other locations related to contextual learning. All these help create immersive learning experiences for children as they help children see that learning is not only limited to the walls of their classroom and school. The locations are carefully chosen to support the development of knowledge, skills and understanding being explored in the IEYC units.

Cultural Celebrations

A cultural celebration in which all Early Years students take part in happens on an annual basis. This may include a presentation of the cultural heritage of the country staged through music, dance and drama or performance focusing in the cultural heritage of countries worldwide.

Our cultural celebrations embrace the international dimension of the IEYC as the environment enables them to develop an increasing understanding related to their own nationality and identity as well as developing an increasing knowledge and understanding of the independence and interdependence of people, countries and culture.

Children at Healthy Planet develop a rich sense of cultural heritage and identity through participating in a variety of national and international events that occur throughout the calendar year.

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